Who is Noozi?

Noozi develops children's books for children from age 4, who need medical examinations, treatments or who need to stay at the hospital. Noozi books are based upon accurate medical and scientifical information but written in a comprehensive way, as to inform and prepare these children. In the books a certain disease or condition is explained as clear as possible, in a way also very young kids can understand. These books also mention possible treatments and the impact a disease might have on someone’s life.

No matter how hard reality sometimes can be, Noozi wants to emphasize on the positive, diminish the distance between doctor and patient, and take away fear for the unknown from children and their parents.

Educational materials help to better understand a diseaese and deal with it more easy. Because there is hardly any accurate medical information available for small children, Noozi will try to make a difference

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"Prepare as many children with severe and chronic conditions as possible for hospital admissions, examinations and treatments,"

Why the name Noozi?

The name ‘Noozi’ is a compilation
of the words : nosy & cosy.
It’s nice to read a book together
while learning new things.

Also for parents

Parents can also have a lot of
questions. Noozi tries to explain
what is happening inside your child’s
body, as clear as possible.


Originated from a personal story

At the end of 2010 I switched to a part time position so I could start up Noozi. Writing children’s books has always been my dream and since my son Robbie had a lot of health issues in his young life, I chose to write about a specific topic, namely medical children's books based on scientific information.

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Also for parents
Huh? What exactly is wrong with my child?

Maybe you were worried for quite some time and you finally called for that doctor's appointment, or you were referred by your family doctor, or maybe something happened at school or sports school. Or maybe your darling complained about pain or was not feeling very well …

There you are, moving from one examination room to another: a blood sample needs to be taken, a scan, an x-ray, ... and nervously waiting for the results, wondering if you should already inform your family. Until you are called in to hear that your child is seriously ill. You are upset, sad, you don’t understand everything the doctor says. A variety of medical terms are being cited but you don’t have any medical background. What exactly is wrong with my child?

When your child has to deal with a serious diagnosis, as a parent you would like to know more, don’t you?

Everything you need to know at firts, you can find in the Noozi books. And later on, when you and your kid are back in the room, or at home, you have all the time to read everything about it more quietly…

We wish you lots of fun during reading but most of all we hope you get well very soon! Good luck!

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As a service for health professionals
visual support...

Whether children have arrived at the hospital by emergency, or have been in treatment for some time, correct and reliable information is so important. As a pediatrician you always hope for the best possible health care process but in some deseases this is a long-term path where medication compliance and follow-ups are very important. In these cases Noozi wants to play a supporting role and contribute to a positive bond between all those who are involved, in which the well-being of children comes first.


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Reactions from health professionals

Together with companies and non-profit organizations
For hospitals, paediatricians, patients ...

Companies or non-profit organizations who develop and offer products, technology or services to hospitals to support health care professionals and patients can purchase and distribute Noozi children's books.

        What's in it for you?

            • answer to a real need
            • put patiënt first
            • make a substantial difference
            • focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
            • tell a hopeful and positive story to children who have to deal with a serious illness
            • contribute to a better quality of life for the patient
            • maintain good relationships with the doctors
            • help doctors and health care professionals to explain complicated issues in an accessible way
            • receive happy and grateful feedback


Available from 300 copies or more ...

Noozi children's books are available from 300 copies. Also several languages are possible, for example, Dutch / French or Dutch / French / English ...
Prices depend on the number of copies and the number of languages. Request a free quote.

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How does Noozi work?

          1. Noozi collects information (input from hospitals or customers, internet, library, bookstore, personal experience ...)
          2. writes a positive story, rewrites and corrects,
          3. makes a first rough,
          4. draws, redraws, takes care of lay-out and digital coloring
          5. has texts and content checked by doctors and specialists,
          6. processes their feedback in consultation,
          7. takes care of translations if necessary,
          8. contacts companies or non-profit organizations to purchase books so they can distribute them among doctors at different hospitals,
          9. adjust texts or drawings at the request of the customer, if necessary,
          10. coordinates the printing and ensures the delivery (one address).

Have already become customers

Thanks to these companies and non-profit organizations, we were already able to realize some nice Noozi projects!

Here you will find all realizations.

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Contact & info: esther@noozi.be
+32 (0)478 771 885


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