'Look, my head' explains how epilepsy developes. How neurons send and process information at lightning speed and how they can become overloaded sometimes. Than a short circuit can occur inside your head.

Are your seizures dangerous? Thanks to right medication probably not!

40 pages - full colour - originally in DUTCH but various languages possible

Explains 'what is epilepsy' and what is happening in your brain.
Noozi NEWSLETTER - jan 2014
Funny, entertaining and super exciting.
EEG study
Ideal to prepare children for an EEG study.
Epilepsy diary
By registering your seizures, doctors may come up with better solutions.
You may forward this link to people you think might be interested. Books are originally in DUTCH but other laguages are possible. Copyright Noozi.
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Noozi creates children's medical books to inform and support children and their parents during treatments and medical studies.

'Look, my head' is Noozi's third book and for children suffering from epilepsy.

Children's medical books
Illustrations speak very much to the imagination.
Expressive illustrations
Reviewed by physicians
Texts and illustrations are accurate and based upon scientifical informatie.