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Look, so many sugars
, for children with type 1 diabetes

What is diabetes mellitus? What are slow sugars and wich organs play a role in the digestion system? What is insulin? And what exactly are the functions of the pancreas? You learn it all by means of the party in your tummy. Where is that party? Here's the party.


One step further

So far Noozi books were based on personal experience. The book Look, So Many Sugars is about diabetes. A theme I have had little to do with, but which fits in well with my first book Look, I Grow. Because both diabetic children as well as growth hormone children need to inject hormones every day, it looked like a nice challenge to broach the topic of diabetes. This time it has been a bit more difficult. I did a lot of research, read a lot and I got a lot of positive energy from 'Het Groot Diabetesboek'. This book was created in the Netherlands in cooperation with the Children's Hospital in Almere. A beautiful and clever book for diabetic children, adolescents, parents and family.

With Look, So Many Sugars I try to reach out to the youngest ones: 4, 5, 6... until ±12 years old. This time I also went one step further than in my former books. Because I relied more on my imagination, this story is even more clear, more funny and even more playful. I think the result is a very nice, happy and very accessible book and clearly explains everything about diabetes.

The way I use little cells in my stories and how I draw them, I repeated in this book, but with a little more verve, color and punch this time. It was actually quite fun to draw the inside of the stomach and small intestine:-).

The fact that insuline is some kind of key (insulin can open little cell doors so the insulin can enter a cell), I deliberately did not use. The concept of a key I found somewhat outdated. I thought about using the concept code or password, as you find on iPads or computers these days. But there was also the phenomenon of the receptors. Each cell has receptors which are susceptible to certain types of hormones. Quite complicated. Because I want to appeal to a young audience, I tried to make it easier. Eventually the insulins in my book did not receive a key, but I created VIFs. VIFs ??? Yes, Very Important Friends.

Again I'm going to have it checked by doctors at University Hospital Leuven. Waiting for their feedback is always very exciting! Are you also curious about the diabetes story? Feel free to send an email to

Sugar sweet greetings and until my next newsletter,
Esther Lekanne


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